Ultrasonic Inspection

Ultrasonic testing (UT) is a Non-destructive testing (NDT) method that uses high frequency sound waves to check the thickness of a material or to test for subsurface flaws. Aspect3Sixty specialise in carrying out the two most commonly used disciplines of ultrasonic testing which are: compression and shear wave.

A probe containing a quartz crystal, which emits a known high frequency sound wave, is passed over the test piece. The sound wave penetrates the material until it reaches a reflector (either the back wall of the test piece or a subsurface flaw within the material). The sound wave is reflected back to the probe and a waveform is displayed on the equipment’s screen as an A-scan graphic. The waveform is then carefully interpreted by our specialist NDT technician to determine if either subsurface discontinuities are present or to confirm the thickness of the test piece.

Benefits of UT include:

  • Provides instant results.
  • Fully portable – can be carried out at ground or at height.
  • Can be carried out in a workshop or on site.
  • A variety of different sized components can be tested.

Once the inspection has been completed a comprehensive report will be written, this will contain the results of the inspection and will detail the location, size, length and orientation of any relevant defects found as well as recommending any remedial work that may be required.

All Aspect3Sixty technicians are qualified to PCN level 2 and all inspection is carried out using company procedures and adhering to BS EN14127: 2011 (Thickness measurement) and BS EN ISO17640 (Shear wave).

For more information about the Ultrasonic Inspection services that Aspect3Sixty offer, or to arrange a free site visit please contact us.