Personal Protective Equipment Inspection

In order to be a safe and cost-effective solution rope access, like many industrial disciplines, requires skilled technicians and certified Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). As PPE is of such paramount importance to the safety of working at height, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requires that all PPE used with work positioning, fall arrest or work restraint systems undergoes regular thorough inspections. Examples of work at height PPE include harnesses, karabiners, shock absorbing lanyards, and helmets.

The 1992 PPE at work regulations requires that all PPE be regularly inspected, with BS EN 365:2004 and BS 8347:2005 outlining the regime and standards to which the inspection must be completed.

Inspections should be carried out;

  • Prior to first use.
  • At least at 6 monthly intervals thereafter or if the equipment is used frequently or in arduous environments then inspections at shorter intervals may be required.

It is essential that the individual who is either designing the inspection regime or carrying out the PPE inspection is classed as a competent person and is trained and qualified so that they can make independent, impartial and objective decisions on the condition of the PPE equipment and its suitability for the task it is going to be used for.

With significant experience in working at height activities and the equipment that is used within the industry, Aspect3Sixty are well versed in both the legal obligations and the manufacturers requirements for the safe and correct operation of all work at height PPE equipment and we are proud to be fully approved and certified as competent in its inspection.

Get in contact with us for more information about how Aspect3Sixty can aid you in creating an inspection regime which will ensure the safety of your workforce and also fully comply with all relevant legislation.