What does Aspect3Sixty’s ISO 14001 Accreditation Actually Mean?

Environmental Issues Affect Us All

At a time when environmental issues are continually on the news and our social media streams are full of informative yet shocking posts about how humans are harming the planet (by destroying habitats, causing needless suffering to wildlife and influencing climate change), it is important to recognise the daily negative impact that we all have on the Earth and its inhabitants, whether that’s by purchasing single use plastics or by eating a nutty chocolate spread; we are all guilty of harming the environment in one form or another.

Do businesses care?

I think that nearly all people are of the opinion that most businesses and industries across the world do not care about environmental issues and that industries are driven by corporate greed; a desire to keep profits high and shareholders happy at any cost. However, it is important to recognise that most companies across the UK do care about the impact that they have on the environment and that they do actively challenge their own processes and procedures in order to operate in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Yes, some businesses care more about these issues than others do and there are some businesses that go above and beyond what is required of them, but how can anyone distinguish who is committed to environmentally good practices and who isn’t?

Well one way you can identify those UK companies who do care about their environmental impact is to check if they are Accredited to ISO 14001: 2015. Because if they are accredited, then you can be assured that the company cares about issues such as Carbon Footprints, Recycling and Emission Reduction, and you can also be assured that they are investing heavily in training and educating their employees on environmental matters and how to carry out tasks in an environmentally sensitive manner. These companies go through rigorous 12 monthly audits to ensure they are both compliant and that they are raising and reporting any areas where they find themselves to be non-compliant, they also have to identify risks, opportunities and training requirements as well as identifying areas where they can improve and then ensuring they carry out those changes in order to achieve those improvements.

Commitment and dedication

Now all of this does not come cheaply, it requires membership to the accreditation body, dedication to the process, investment in the workforce and may require the upgrading of plant and machinery, but it is an investment that the company wants to make and the ISO 14001 accreditation is something that they are extremely proud to have.


So next time you see a company van with an ISO 14001 decal, or you visit a website that has an ISO 14001 logo remember that company name and be assured that they care about their impact on this planet and its inhabitants, you can also be assured that they are investing in our environment for both the current and future generations.

Aspect3Sixty and our environmental commitment

To find out more about Aspect3Sixty and the measures we take to ensure compliance with our ISO 14001: 2015 Accreditation please contact our office on 01823 414456 or use our website contact page which can be found by clicking here.